From Rock To Dad: The Heartwarming Story Of Murphy The Bald Eagle's Adoption Journey

Meet Murphy, the bald eagle who is finally a dad! Despite being a 31-year-old bachelor and having never fathered an eagle, Murphy's keepers knew he was ready to be a dad when he started incubating a rock. Murphy was so devoted to his "egg" that his keepers couldn't bear to break the news to him. But fate had a surprise in store for him when an orphaned eaglet arrived at the World Bird Sanctuary in Valley Park, Missouri. Although there was one concern: Murphy had never looked after more than a rock before. However, as it turns out, Murphy is a natural dad. When the eaglet, known only as "eaglet 23-126", was introduced to Murphy's enclosure, he took his role as a foster parent seriously. Despite his rock being gone, he responded to the chick's peeps and protected it. Murphy even tore up a whole fish and fed it to the eaglet when presented with two plates of food. Murphy's devotion to his new role as a dad is so heartwarming, and the sanctuary's fans are already rooting for the pair. Some have even suggested naming the chick "Rocky", but as the sanctuary considers it bad luck to name a bird that will be released back into the wild, they've decided to stick with "eaglet 23-126" for now. Although Murphy has a permanently damaged wing and can't fly or hunt, he's doing a fantastic job learning how to be a first-time dad. The sanctuary will have to teach the eaglet some things, like flying and hunting, but for now, the pair is happy and healthy. While it was a little scary when a storm swept through the area and Murphy didn't help keep his charge dry, the sanctuary's CEO, Dawn Griffard, reports that he's doing very well. So if you're ever in Valley Park, Missouri, be sure to stop by the World Bird Sanctuary to see Murphy and his little eaglet, who are sure to warm your heart.

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