Miracle Reunion: Baby Buried In Earthquake Rubble Finds Her Mama After 54 Days!

Baby reunited with mother after 54-day earthquake separation in Turkey After a harrowing 54 days of separation, a baby girl was finally reunited with her mother in Turkey. The baby girl was rescued from the rubble after a pair of devastating earthquakes struck southern Turkey in February, leaving over 50,000 people dead. Social workers named her Gizem, meaning “mystery” in Turkish, as they were unable to identify her family. The mother, Yaseming Besdag, was initially presumed dead and the baby was placed under state care. But after a family member came forward, a DNA test confirmed that Besdag was the baby’s mother. Turkey’s Minister of Family and Social Services, Derya Yanik, shared a heartwarming video on Twitter, showing the baby girl finally in her mother’s arms. The mother and baby were the only survivors from their family, as the baby girl lost her father and two brothers during the earthquakes. The Family and Social Services Ministry stated that 135 children were still under state care, and 33 of them were unable to identify themselves. However, they have been working tirelessly to reunite children with their families, and so far 1,774 children have been returned home. This reunion serves as a reminder that hope can be found even in the most devastating of circumstances. Our hearts go out to those affected by the earthquakes, and we hope that this heartwarming reunion brings a small ray of sunshine to their lives.

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