She Left University Because Of A Drinking Problem. Now Sober, She's A Valedictorian

Imagine this: a woman who once stumbled through university, battling alcohol-fueled chaos and questionable life choices, is now donning a cap and gown as the valedictorian of Saint Mary's University. It sounds like the plot of a heartwarming comedy movie, but it's the incredible true story of Laura Eamon, a force to be reckoned with and the queen of redemption. Laura, a self-proclaimed expert in the art of "blackout drinking sessions" and perpetual sick days, dropped out of university a decade ago. It seemed like her dreams were shattered, destined to be buried under a pile of regret and missed opportunities. But oh, how life loves to throw curveballs! Fast forward to the present day, where our heroine has risen from the ashes like a phoenix with a wicked sense of humor. Armed with determination and a thirst for a bigger challenge, Laura embarked on a journey of self-discovery and growth. She traded the haze of alcohol for the clarity of sobriety and found herself diving headfirst into the world of medical office administration. But that wasn't enough for this tenacious soul. Laura yearned for more, and so she set her sights on Saint Mary's University. With boundless courage and an unyielding spirit, she dove into the halls of academia once again. And boy, did she make waves! Last year was an absolute whirlwind for our valedictorian extraordinaire. Not only did she secure a coveted scholarship worth a jaw-dropping $35,000, but she also tied the knot and became a loving stepmom to two incredible kids. Talk about multitasking! But Laura's journey didn't stop there. With her sobriety as a badge of honor, she fearlessly shared her story on podcasts and even spoke at an alcohol policy forum in Nova Scotia. Her resilience and determination inspired many, and she reveled in the fact that she could openly discuss her sobriety journey without hesitation. Becoming the valedictorian wasn't an easy feat. Laura had to go through a rigorous process, including writing a speech, submitting transcripts, and auditioning before a panel. And when she received that life-altering phone call, she couldn't contain her emotions—tears of joy streamed down her face. It was the culmination of her tumultuous journey, a testament to her unwavering perseverance. Laura's friends are in awe of her relentless pursuit of greatness. One of them, Danielle, describes her as a fearless go-getter who tackles challenges head-on. And that's what makes her the perfect fit for the valedictorian role. Through hardships and personal struggles, Laura has proven time and time again that hard work and determination can turn any messy situation into a magnificent triumph. As Laura looks toward the future, her vision is clear. She plans to continue her education, setting her sights on a project management certificate. Her dream is to work on projects that make a positive impact on her community, projects that are inclusive and sustainable. With her unwavering spirit and newfound sense of purpose, there's no doubt she'll achieve greatness. In the midst of this incredible journey, there's one person missing—Laura's father, who sadly passed away in 2016. But even in the messiest moments of her life, he always boasted about her accomplishments. It's almost as if he had a crystal ball, foreseeing the remarkable path Laura would carve for herself. So, let us raise our imaginary glasses to Laura Eamon, the woman who turned her mess into a magnificent masterpiece. Her story reminds us that no matter how many obstacles we face or how messy our past may be, redemption and success

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