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Activation keywords: n999_minashigo, heterochromia, purple eye, yellow eye, blonde hair, very long hair, hair between eyes,, circlet, tiara, , thighhighs, dress, flower, ahoge, boots, frills, green hair, high heels, clothing cutout, blue dress, cleavage cutout, argyle legwear,, hair ornament, long sleeves, pantyhose, boots, black gloves, hair flower, wide sleeves, white dress, high heels, black pantyhose, beret, white capelet,, hair ornament, cleavage, swimsuit, ass, frills, hair flower, thigh strap, halterneck, white bikini, sandals, string bikini, frilled bikini, floating hair,, hair ornament, long sleeves, bow, cleavage, bare shoulders, boots, detached sleeves, black gloves, puffy sleeves, black footwear, black pantyhose, clothing cutout, bell, red dress, red headwear, santa hat, santa costume, fur-trimmed dress, christmas ornaments, red sleeves,, hair ornament, dress, bare shoulders, detached sleeves, hair flower, white dress, high heels, sideboob, veil,, hair ornament, cleavage, bare shoulders, jewelry, elbow gloves, white gloves, hair flower, necklace, white dress, high heels, rose, white footwear, strapless dress, wedding dress, purple flower, long dress, bridal veil, , and long sleeves, cleavage, bare shoulders, collarbone, (blue and white stripped jacket:1.1), white shirt, open clothes, barefoot, striped, on back, off shoulder, short shorts, bare legs, strap slip, (blue shorts:1.1), white camisole, loungewear, sleep mask on head,

No. 999 from Minashigo no Shigoto | 999号 ミナシゴノシゴト

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